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People were in awe as no one explained clearly. In the business world, there was bound to be people who would be unconvinced. They had the backing of the higher-ups in HU, but what would be the outcome?


Dong Er had the highest standards among the four. It was preliminary level, and none attracted their interest, Aslan included. Of course, this competition was still extremely hot with the rest of the world, and the weaker teams were fighting intensely. If two closely-matched teams fought, it was even more thrilling. The amateurs enjoyed the bustle, and the professionals watched the hustle. From the way things were going, it was not that different from Elite Academy X battles. Of course, there was a marked difference in skill level of Earth-rank warriors, but Earth-rank fighters at this level were few and far between.


The most important thing was, of course, the medical organisations. Treatment rooms were already setup within the arena, and the medical teams were made up of the best doctors and nurses from the Capital Hospital from Aslan. Those who lost their spirits to fight, or admitted defeat, would be considered to have been defeated. Any intentional causation of injuries or death were strictly prohibited. The final results would be judged by the jury.


“It is not just the Soulless battle team, the Sword Shield Rose battle team as well. Actually, it was just a vying game between Aslan and Arbiter from the start.”


Behind Mu Zhen, there were two pursuers. Night fell. They were even saying that Mu Zhen could run but not hide. His huge figure was a liability at this time.


The Radiance battle team, as a top ten seeded battle team, evidently held the absolute advantage, winning two rounds continuously. However, at the third round, they were forcefully overturned by the Sagittarius’ captain, bringing the decisive round to the team battle.

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Although Ryan was balanced, it was clear that the benefits of the small and weak alliances that he represented was not exactly in line with the enormous empires’ requirements. Originally, they wanted him to just give an act, but in the end, Ryan had fully displayed his strength. In addition to Gemini Star’s innately decent foundation, it had formed a tremendous political power within the Milky Way Alliance. Like the issue with Titatitan Star, it was just the tip of the iceberg. It had been said that it was impossible for Aslan to take action on Ryan. There was competition everywhere, and they would need to prepare for a rainy day.


Pavel was the biggest of the four. He was from Clark Galaxy, and two meters tall. He was even thicker than a bear. Out of the four, he was the oldest and had the most battle experience. But he also spoke the least.


This was the core reason why Atlantis civilization was higher than human civilization.


If you talked about who Wang Zheng was most unwilling to face in the woods, it was not Lear, but Luo Fei.


At this very moment, the wind began to blow. Or more accurately, the storm struck, forming a vortex around the Giant Mech.


But as a deputy, Sleipnir had a few more things to consider. Someone had to do all this.


“Normally we use the fixed simulation model, and begin with the basics to determine the stability of the fighter. But this test will use the subconscious model. After all, the participants this time around are all elites from various countries, and leaders to boot. The other members will undergo a fixed simulation model.”



But on this matter, he had investigated the entire project, and it was faultless. He had no idea how they had managed it. But he respected Laurel’s thinking in this, to the point of making an unfavorable move. If they failed, it would be a valuable lesson.



The immersed pressures shrouded the entire arena instantly. It also affected the audience outside the arena. This sort of spiritual assault could not be defended by the energy shield. A spiritual storm had been formed in the arena.


On one hand, Wang Zheng wanted to quickly let Mu Zhen get into the flow of things. It was also a way for the Tita people to get into the limelight. Of course, Mu Zhen possessed the necessary ability.


Aragorn remained still despite being confronted with Wang Zhengs second fierce Ice and Fire Roar attack. This time

  • Power was double-edged. But Wang Zheng was still in a good mood. At least he had managed to use it, and he had foiled Kashawen’s plans. Now he just needed to recover as quickly as possible!
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